How do I mirror my Chromebook on the projector

How to mirror your chromebook display
  • Click on your status bar in the lower right corner (where the clock is)
  • Click on the Settings button (gear at top of menu)
  • In the Search settings box, type display
  • Under the Device section, click on Displays
  • Check the box next to Mirror display
  • Your screen should now be displayed on projected image
  • Close out the settings window

Using Extended View
Extended view allows you to drag just the screens you want over to the projected image. This is the Chromebook default.
  • When you connect your Chromebook via hdmi, it should automatically recognize your device
  • Open the web page you would like to project
  • Click and hold on the top of the window and drag the screen to the right. Keep dragging until your page is displaying on the projected image.  Release the mouse. 

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