How to transfer your email and/or Google Drive files to another Google Account

If you are graduating or leaving the school system, you can easily transfer your emails and or Drive files to another Google Account.

To do this you need to have another Google account.  If you don't already have a personal gmail account, create one here

Log out of this account and log into your school Google account

Go to

Enter your destination account (your personal gmail account)

Click on  “Send Code” - this will send a code to your personal account

Log into your personal account to get the email with the verification code.  Copy the verification code

Go back to the “Transfer your content” screen and paste the code and click on “Verify”
This process just confirms you have access to the account you are sending the data to.

By default both Drive and Gmail are selected. You can click on the blue button to turn off a feature.

Click on Start Transfer.  This process can take a while especially if you have a lot of files.

NOTE that you can not transfer contacts using this method.  If you would like to download your contacts (which you can then upload to your personal account) use the directions found in the article Export Google Data with Google Takeout

Also note that this will only transfer Docs/Sheets, etc that you created. If an item was shared with you, it will not transfer. 

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